Taking a leadership role on projects and teams where I am working towards a goal I am passionate about is a natural instinct for me. In my experience, finding out what motivates team members towards the same end as me is the first and most important step to being in a leadership position. 



The Welcoming Committee

As Community Manager for DC's branch of The Welcoming Committee from June 2014 – December 2015, I oversaw the recruitment, training, and management of a dedicated volunteer Corps while working to build a inclusive spaces for over 3,000 LGBTQ community members in Washington, DC. I designed and supported social media, guerrilla marketing campaigns, and at-event engagement initiatives, mentoring Corps members and liaising with company headquarters on a monthly basis. My ultimate objective was to make sure that every LGBTQ person in DC knew about The Welcoming Committee, felt included in all community, and had the time of their lives at our takeovers. 






Georgetown University Board of Regents

As Assistant Director of Communications for the Georgetown University Board of Regents, I served as the first line of communication to a group of the University's most important donors and volunteer representatives. I developed digital communications year-round for Georgetown's Board of Regents, and planned and executed three annual VIP board leadership weekend meetings. This work included communications strategy, relationship management, annual content strategy presentation, managing of the board website, and events coordination and on-site execution in Washington DC, London, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Southampton and Los Angeles.