I still remember my favorite childhood Christmas present: a new Norton's Anthology of Poetry from my father, the English professor. Thanks to him, I grew up with an appreciation for the written word, particularly when it came to poetry, and it didn't take me long to start writing myself. Now I write and create to connect myself to other writers and to the world around us––the easiest way I know how to be. 


MUSIC Writing

All Things Go MuSIC CRITICISM (short and long form)

I have been a contributing staff writer at All Things Go music since Fall 2013, writing short reviews, longform interviews, and creative pieces, including a profile of the singer BØRNS for the 2015 SXSW New Artist Guide. I delight most in being able to connect music to its surrounding social, political and cultural context, and most importantly to the emotional underpinnings a song is built on.  Kurt Vonnegut wrote in his final essay collection that his epitaph should read: "the only proof he needed for the existence of God was music." Mine can read the same. 




Every morning on my walk to work I take a photo from the same spot halfway across the Charles C. Glover Memorial Bridge in Washington, DC. I add a temporally relevant line of text, usually from a poem I have recently read, and upload them to a SnaPoetry gallery. This project has allowed me to keep track of the changing seasons and my changing self in a changing city since August 2014. 



Reginald Dwayne Betts || I’m Learning Nothing This Night
Anne Sexton || The Weight of Oranges
Nico Alvarado || Tim Riggins Speaks of Waterfall

Poets speak to each other in their poems. Sometimes this conversation is direct. Other times, creating this conversation establishes a whole new poetic equilibrium. My MashPoetry project explores the various combinations rearranging and combining poems can create--much like a mashup in music or a collage in art.