Growing up bilingual, I always knew that one's message determines one's medium: how you say something influences what it is you end up communicating. Now I speak five languages and am fascinated at communications that are at the intersection of multiple media. How do we choose our vehicles for communication, and how does this influence our intended message?


I grew up bilingual speaking the Bernese dialect of Swiss German and English. Traveling between two continents throughout my childhood, I attended school in Bern, Switzerland for several years, adding fluent High German and French. During my time at Georgetown, I spent several years in intensive Spanish courses and remain moderately proficient. I am interested in a career that lets me deploy my languages in an integral way, particularly in a communications- or marketing-related field. 






Social Media Strategy


As a student in Georgetown's Communication, Culture, and Technology Master's Program, I studied how organizations leverage social media to promote their message, and how this inspires their followers to action. I focused on the strategy behind Human Rights Campaign's successful viral social media campaign in 2013 during the United States v. Windsor Supreme Court case in the white paper at the right. 

I also have experience deploying social media strategy working in Georgetown's Office of Advancement. Social media strategy in the alumni relations world is much more than the number of followers and retweets. Collaborating with Georgetown's Digital Communications team in the Office of Advancement on major alumni event communications, I saw how alumni seek to connect back to their alma mater through social media, looking not just for superficial, but honest and tangible engagement.