The ability to absorb large quantities of data from multiple sources and turn them into coherent, consumable pieces is one of my key strengths. I have experience summarizing dense, complicated materials in both graduate school and my career. 


Strategic Initiatives | Georgetown University

A graphic designed to demonstrate growth in Georgetown's scholarship fundraising during the For Generations to Come capital campaign. 

Visualizing data for external reporting is an essential part of the business case development and presentation process in my role on the Strategic Initiatives team. The ability to represent large, complicated sums of data in a streamlined way required doing in-depth analysis and developing a strategy around which narratives were most important to portray from the data. 







Communications, Culture and Technology Master's Program | Georgetown University

Microfinance in Uganda: final paper completed for a Networks & International Development class

Analyzing large quantities of data and create a compelling narrative to convey a salient message is similar to data analytics, and has been an important part of my graduate experience in the Communication, Culture and Technology Program.  At the right is an excerpt from and link to a final project I completed on Microfinance organizations in Uganda in Spring 2015 for a Networks & International Development class. I have also performed in-depth content analytics on the attitudes towards same-sex marriage within the LGBTQ community, best practices for media literacy programs in elementary schools, and script-based sentiment analysis of media coverage of the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case.