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I'M Fiona. 

I’m Fiona.

I’m a creator who brings new perspectives to new solutions. I inspire people to action by activating the potential in everyone I meets—grounded in my core beliefs that a good energy is infectious and that everyone has something to bring to the table.

I’m a communicator who believes making you feel heard is just as important as getting your attention. I hold fast to the belief that communications strategy goes beyond content and medium to the design of an experience—to what makes a story really come alive. I’m here to tell those stories, engage stakeholders with a purpose, and spark action.

I’m a strategist who excels in fostering belief and buy-in around a vision, launching collaborative strategies, and developing teams that bring the best out in everyone. I thrive at the level of the big and lofty and just as easily scales the visionary into the actionable—drawing on my eye for aesthetics, knack for design thinking, and intense analytical ability to be translational.

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